3 Easy Ways to Order Bins

Individuals, Businesses, Commercial and Industrial Accounts

Bin Rentals

We rent bins for temporary or permanent situations to haul away trash and scrap metal. Whether you are an individual renovating your home or a large commercial operation in need of permanent garbage and/or scrap metal bins, Ken’s Salvage is your best and most affordable choice for bin rentals.

Scrap Metal Purchasing

We purchase scrap metal from individuals, businesses, and corporate/industrial accounts. Our facility is spacious and capable of receiving trucks/trailers of scrap metal. Call today to ask about our prices!

What are scrap prices today?

Call Jake today to find out!

We pay for a number of metal materials and are happy to answer any questions you have over the phone or you can check out our Scrap Metal page »

Do you do same day service?

Yes, we usually can.

Check out our Bin Sizes page » for the sizes we carry and an approximate estimate of what will fit in each bin, if you have more questions check our FAQs page » or give us a call.

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